Slim Bodies is a 3 week program based on the Simeons HCG diet, to help get you into shape and feeling amazing quickly, without cutting out real food.
Along with the use of a homeopathic HCG weightloss spray, you will follow a proven to work, well planned weight loss program for 3 weeks. In this 3 week period, your diet will include real food! No diet shakes, teas or starvation, and you should expect to lose up to 12kg in just 3 weeks. The program can be repeated for further weight loss.
You will follow a 500 calorie per day diet, allowing you to continue to eat some of your favourite meats, vegetables, fruits and beverages. If the program is followed correctly, with the daily use of the slim bodies spray, you will be feeling great and shedding kilos in no time at all.

Along with the purchase of our specially formulated homeopathic weight loss spray, you will receive an online booklet explaining every step of the diet, a list of allowed foods, recipes and any other information required to start you journey to weightloss.<
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